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Bachelor thesis - Theses - BWL: Technology and Innovation
Bachelor thesis at the Chair of Production Management: Timeline for students in, wirtschaftspdagogik, timeline for students in BWL, procedure (1). Suggestions for topics are usually made by the supervisor in accordance with the students interest and individual arrangements for an optimal supervision are made between student and academic advisor; if necessary, additional meetings are scheduled in order to prepare for the disposition. The partner agrees without reservation that the results of the work may be published, if necessary in anonymous form. Please also refer to Section. In the midst of the regular time limit students are required to give an interim presentation. Objective, based on a successfully passed research seminar, in which students had to closely engage with academic literature and learn to work scientifically, the objective of a final thesis at the chair is as follows: The objective. We recommend basic knowledge in the field of scientific work as well as an attentive reading of our guidelines. English only, lecturer, prof.

If you are a student at the bachelor level, you are invited to apply for a bachelor thesis at our chair when you list your priorities at the beginning of your sixth semester. Important: In addition, please consider the requirements of the examination regulations of your respective degree program with regard to the credit points achieved and the compulsory amount of completed modules required for admission to the final thesis! Digitalization in the Healthcare Sector, fake News and Digital Media, future of Work. Once you have been assigned to our Chair, we will explain all available topics and the further procedures in an information session. It is necessary to coordinate the following with the practice partner and the supervisor of the chair of the desired subject area at an early stage and before applying for a master's thesis: what role will the practice partner. A successful disposition is a mandatory prerequisite to register the thesis with the examination office.

You will need to sort them by preference during the application process: Artificial Intelligence, crowdfunding and ICOs, digital Business and Digital Platforms, digital Entrepreneurship and Business Models. However, our experience with past cooperations has shown that certain requirements must be met to be successful: Only master's theses (not bachelor's theses) are supervised with practice partners. Hence, all theses and seminars at the chair are written and presented also in English language. The same applies for Master theses of other study programs (cf. Through the Digicampus group, students are provided with further instructions and an application template. For the current (upcoming) application period, the Digicampus group can be accessed via this link during the application period: Master Theses, joining the Digicampus is not restricted,.e. Process of a Master thesis.

Two copies of your Bachelor thesis must be submitted to the. If the disposition proves to be considerably deficient, the chair reserves the right to end the collaboration; in this case the student may re-apply for a thesis in the next application period. Announcement of, bachelor Thesis topics (5) 13:45 - 17:00, zoom 13:45 - 17:00, zoom, kick-off meeting and introduction to scientific writing (6), 12:00, 23:00, final date for submission of preferences regarding the topics by students (7), 12:00, 12:00, announcement. Involving customers in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities a review of existing approaches in academia and business practice. Basic requirements, there are many things to consider when writing your bachelor thesis. As crucial details for the further proceeding are presented at the kick-off event, participation at the kick-off event is mandatory. The process of a Master thesis ideally takes the following course (given date specifications apply to the current / upcoming application period University of Augsburg, in the following, the distinct steps and their deadlines are described in detail. The expos serves as a basis for further topic consultation. The academic expectations of high-quality theses and the expectations of practice partners can sometimes differ significantly.

Registration at the examination office Upon a successful disposition, all students of the same cohort are required to officially register their respective thesis at the examination office. All other documents (e.g. The following requirements must be met before applying: The student assures his participation at the kick-off event. Successfully passed an examination of one lecture of the chair. From, from, announcement of exemplary sample topics (2), submission of preferences regarding the supervising chair by students (3). Requirements for the expos, an expos (see below) and a copy of your current transcript of records must accompany the application. The chair will then complete the form and forward it to the examination office. Kick-Off event One week after admissions were confirmed, the kick-off event will take place. Additionally, during the kick-off event students will learn which academic advisors they have been assigned to and there will be an introduction presentation on IS research and academic writing. All remaining (hardcopy) documents need to be preserved and made available upon request until the thesis grade has been communicated.

As a matter of principle, we do not supervise theses with a so-called restriction notice stating that the work is not publicly accessible. Research Paper, pre-requisites, none, the Chair of Sustainable Business warmly welcomes students that are interested in completing their bachelor theses in our area of research. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! This site provides information for students interested in writing their Master thesis at the chair. The regular time limit for writing a Masters thesis is four months for the. On this page you will find all important information regarding your bachelor thesis. Requirements, prerequisite for the acceptance of your bachelor thesis is the successful participation in the advanced course "Technology and Innovation Management" or "Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship which are both held in the summer semester. Please note: It is the students responsibility to have the thesis registered within the prescribed time period (within a week after the disposition).

Moreover, all literature for theses is written in English language. After the confirmation of supervision has been granted (download and complete the application for admission to final theses on the examination offices website the final thesis can be registered on the agreed upon date. Disposition Approximately one month after the kick-off meeting, every student is required to hand in a disposition expos (3-5 pages) which describes (1) the topic of the thesis, (2) its research question and (3) the chosen methodology. Information Privacy, personal IT and IT Consumerization, sharing Economy and Gig Economy. During the first meeting, possible thesis topics are discussed related to the allocated topic. This presentation offers all students of one cohort the opportunity to present the current state of their theses, and to discuss existing difficulties and challenges which students may have encountered while working on their theses.

The reason for this is that a final thesis in cooperation with practice partners usually involves high efforts. Alternatively, students can participate in a project phase (18 ects) in cooperation with the working group. Applications will not be considered without these documents. One of the hardcover must contain a CD-ROM which includes the following contents: All Excel, Stata, raw data and other data, which have been used for calculations in the thesis. An expos (see below) and a copy of your current transcript of records must accompany the application.

For students, this can lead to a tension between the different expectations and therefore to significant additional effort in order to fulfill the expectations for all sides and at the same time clarify legal questions under time pressure. IBWL study program (starting with the official registration at the examination office). We are delighted that you would like to write your bachelor thesis at the Research Group of Technology and Innovation Management. A promise of supervision does not mean that the final research question will be similar to the one drafted in the expos. The application is carried out through Digicampus.

4.11 Others The chair provides templates for formating and citing. In addition, a digital version as a Word and/or PDF document must be sent to your supervisor. The examination regulations of the corresponding study programs). Admission Within three days after the application deadline, students will be informed via e-mail whether their thesis application has been successful or not. Submission of the Bachelor thesis. The point of time of joining the group has no influence on the final admission (no first-come-first-served).

Hours per Week 1 (in-class) 12 (self-study language, english or German, grading. Assignment of students to chairs (4). Important: The expos should show that you have already (scientifically) dealt with the chosen topic. You will find information on the elements of a bachelor thesis as well as on the content and formal requirements that you should consider in our guidelines for a bachelor thesis and in our formal criteria guidelines. Submission Within the time limit every student is required to hand in the following materials: Via E-Mail: The thesis as PDF and DOC(X) file prior to the physical hand-in. Application, for each academic year (summer and winter semester) there are two start dates and two application periods, respectively: Beginning of summer semester, beginning of winter semester. Therefore, it is not possible to supervise theses with a duration of less than 6 months (e.g. For time limits of other study programs, see the corresponding examination rules. Interim presentation Approximately two months after the official registration (i.e. Social Media Strategies, sustainability and Green.

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