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The information on external theses apply to Master's Theses as well. It offers students a flexible opportunity to shape their studies. Note that, due to the covid-pandemic, no stipend will be provided in the context of this project. The advantage of deriving insights in processes based on operational data relates to the fact that we observe what actually happened,.e., as captured by the data. Vimeo uses cookies and tracking tools.

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We highly recommend that all computer science students sign up on the mailing list. The courses offered cover a broad spectrum of subjects includng algorithms and complexity; automata and logic; software engineering, modelling, and verification; computer graphics; multimedia and human-machine interaction; computer-aided learning; databases and data exploration; imbedded systems; high performance computing; communication systems; artificial intelligence;. In collaboration with Lufthansa Cityline, we aim to operationalize prediction,.e., going from insights into what happened to insights into what is likely to happen. International Perspective Students, all other international perspective students can find relevant information under. This is a unique opportunity to work on real data and get in direct exposure in industry. Organizational Information in the section Bachelor's Thesis and Colloquium. Students are required to complete a total of 120 credits. Invoking this content makes it possible for to determine your IP address, the language setting of your system, and a number of browser-specific details.

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You can prevent this by logging out of your account. Thesis project, we aim to go one step further. The project is expected to start early 2021. The elective courses include lectures, seminars, a practial, and a focus colloquium. When you visit the page again, you will again be asked for your consent. Pointers 1st Examiner, prof.

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Important Information, the departmental advisor has set up a mailing list through which Master's and Bachelor's students in computer science are informed of important information, including dates and events, changes to examination regulations, and more. Sebastiaan van Zelst, company Supervision, philipp Grindemann, Maximilian Hoffmann. The vast amount of different stakeholders active in aviation makes aviation comprise a large body of complex, intertwined, and interacting processes. The first thing you should is look at rwth Aachen's courses of study. In their thesis students demonstrate that they can independently address and investigate a problem in computer science using scientific methods. (Please take this in consideration.r.t. The elective compenent is supplemented with a six-month Master's thesis totaling 30 credits. The core of the program is an elective component encompassing 90 credits. In order to overcome the challenges above, and the expected delays, a proper synchronization and orchestration of the different aviation processes is of major importance.

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We would like to emphasize in the light of current events that externally advertised theses without an issuing supervisor from the Department of Computer Science cannot be accepted! Important Information on External Theses. Moreover, it is very likely that the tools and techniques developed in the context of this. If you are logged in to your Vimeo account, you make it possible for Vimeo to tie your web browsing behavior directly to your personal profile. Registration for proseminars, seminars and labs in winter semester 2020/21 will start on January 6, 2021. . The content embedded in this web page will take you to web pages provided by the Google-operated video sharing platform, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. If you are logged in to your account, you make it possible for to tie your web browsing behavior directly to your personal profile. Whereas some good prediction results have been obtained, the next step is to operationalize the predictive models,.e., to create an operational predictive entity for the MRO process. Master introduction event - Slides, here you can find the recent slides to the introduction event for Master students of Computer Science: The typical length of study for the Master's course of study is four semesters.

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Information on's data processing activities and the purpose of these activities is available and can be viewed. This must be both quantitatively and qualitatively equivalent to the required technical background knowledge. Please note that you give your consent for a one-time use of the web page only. Prerequisites, knowledge of basic computer science concepts, good programming skills (Java/Python) and an interest in theoretical and practical aspects of process mining (i.e. Further, practical achievements or language skills in accordance with the exam regulations in the case of a Master course of study with restricted admission, that is a Master with NC, the study placement acceptance or admissions letter. As such, these information systems allow us to obtain valuable traces of event data. This information applies to prospective students with a German university entrance qualification for Master's studies.

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This entrance qualification can be a Bachelor's degree, Staatsexamen, or Diplom for example, and is reviewed to make sure you fulfill the admissions requirements for your chosen Master's program. Due to the inherent intertwining of the different processes, a small bottleneck in one of these processes typically causes tremendous delays in other processes, hampering the overall efficiency of the aerial passenger- and/or goods handling process. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the traffic system can cope with the ever-increasing volume of traffic. The content embedded in this web page will take you to web pages provided by the Vimeo Vimeo LLC, 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011. Go to the Introductory Events webpage. In order to start a Master course of study at rwth Aachen, read more under our Application section, to find out whether your course of study requires you to submit an application for Master with NC or an application.

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Lufthansa has already investigated,.e., in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich, predictive models for the Maitneance, Repair and Overhaul process (MRO). Please refer to the box Similar Topics below to read find the necessary exam regulation. You must submit your entrance qualification for Master's studies or MZB to enroll in a Master's courses of study. Wil van der Aalst, daily Supervision. Make sure to include detailed information about your background and scores for completed courses. Recent developments in the research field of process mining, which represents a large body of data-driven analysis techniques on the basis of such event data, allows us to gain detailed insights in the execution of these processes. You can prevent this by logging out of your Vimeo account. Simultaneously, alongside the large number of flights, several passengers are expected to face delays daily, leading to a large amount of unforeseen costs. Lufthansa Cityline has already worked on end-to-end process digitization and continuous process monitoring capabilities.

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