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75 Themen fr Eure Informatik-Bachelorarbeit GWriters Blog
Slow Breathing for Daily Stress Management in Drivers. How they try to trick' the algorithm. Wer es noch einfacher mag: Du registrierst Dich und lasst Dich von Unternehmen ansprechen. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 21(3 339-346. Multitoe: high-precision interaction with back-projected floors based on high-resolution multi-touch input. Verantwortliche Hochschullehrer drfen sein, beliebige Professoren des Instituts fr Informatik der LMU.

Org Details BT/MT Ville Mkel On-Body Gestures Description Mid-air gestures enable new and exciting ways of interacting with technology, especially because devices can be interacted with from a distance. Hier findest Du Themenvorschlage von Unternehmen, Hochschulen und Forschungsgemeinschaften. Human Haptic Perception: Basics and Applications (pp. Beliebige Professoren der Informatik der TUM. AI and music: From composition to expressive performance. Notenmeldung Notenmeldung geht per Mail direkt an Reinhold Letz. How can we tangibilize meaningful moments in a journey (or take them with us)?

Sie haben Javascript deaktiviert! Typically, gesturing follows the pointing metaphor, wherein one or both arms are extended to point towards the device,.g., a display. Medieninformatiklehrstuhl ist und nicht nach dem Studiumsfach des Studierenden (bis auf Verwaltungsfragen sind die Regelungen auch identisch). Requirements: Interest and experience in music theory. The availability of these devices offers novel opportunities for user authentication, as well as raises privacy concerns and potential novel security attacks. Ist es mglich eine Arbeit gleichzeitig an mehreren Stellen zu schreiben, etwa zwei verschiedenen Fakultten? We started by following the same approach adopted in the first version.e.

Gatherings can also extend to examples such as 'Skype Session with family 'Gathering with friends' etc. An Exploration of Users Thoughts on Rear-Seat Productivity in Virtual Reality. Together with you, we want to find out, which coping strategies users would employ to avoid being profiled by intelligent algorithms,.e. Garland,., Heckbert,. Comprehensive survey of related work, design and development of a prototype. Visual feedback in performer-machine interaction for musical improvisation. Those displays are interacted with by many different users over the course of the day. Die Zeitdauer des Vortrags (inklusive Fragen) betrgt. The aim of this project is to investigate ways to visualize and inform the user of the extent of their scrolling, and to encourage behavior change. Interest in Design and UX Design.

Scope of the Thesis, the aim of this thesis is to create novel interaction concepts for public displays, implement them in the form of prototype applications and test them in user studies. Expressive AI: A hybrid art and science practice. Tasks Comprehensive survey of related work Get familiar with hardware and software Conceptual design of interaction and visual techniques between avatars that enhance the virtual immersion Carry out a initial survey using 'Oculus Go' to determine the necessary interaction features. InCarAR: A Design Space Towards 3D Augmented Reality Applications in Vehicles. Send your application with transcript of records and examples of your UI design work via email. Es ist zwar prinzipiell mglich auch vorher mit der Bearbeitung anzufangen, das fhrt aber oft zu praktischen Problemen bei der Bearbeitung, etwa wegen fehlender Grundkenntnissen. Anmeldedaten ndern (verlngern, Titel ndern) Bitte eine Mail an Stephan Barth; im Falle einer Verlngerung bitte auch einen kurzen Grund und das gewnschte neue Abgabedatum mit angeben FAQ/Hufig gestellte Fragen Darf vor dem auf der Anmeldung angegebenen Datum abgegeben werden?

Senden Sie es an u t fortiss. Wenn Sie die Bachelorarbeit in einem Unternehmen oder einer Organisation schreiben wollen, mssen Sie eine. Details MT Luke Haliburton, Ville Mkel Combating Excessive Scrolling on Smartphones Description Many people suffer from smartphone addiction, where they use their smartphones frequently and for long periods at a time without realizing. Within this thesis, we want to develop and evaluate whether setting up a particular smartphone environment,.e., customising the smartphone screen and functionality (wallpaper, color scheme, app layout, etc.) improves our focus and simultaneously encourages detachment. Informationen fr Dozenten Arbeit anmelden Bitte das entsprechende Formular fr Bachelorarbeiten oder Masterarbeiten per Mail an Stephan Barth schicken. Cox, Anna.,.

Requirements: Interest in interdisciplinary work, innovative technology, and cell research. An der Pforte (Oettingenstr. Experience in programming and hardware-prototyping. However, a persistent problem is the expressive and novel nature of the interaction: users may feel uncomfortable gesturing in places wherein they receive unwanted attention. Therefore we have to find ways to interact with systems that are able to make their own decisions and have their own creative mind. . Suggested Reading: Yamaha Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforms a Dancer into a Pianist Mateas,.

Problem Statement and Objective, touch displays have become an integral part of public and semi-public spaces - for example, in the form of information displays in museums, airports, and Universities but also for ticket vending machines and ATMs. Um smtliche Funktionalitten unserer Internetseite zu nutzen, aktivieren Sie bitte Javascript in Ihrem Browser. Tasks You should: Conduct extensive literature review regarding 3D modeling, human preferences, mesh simplification, and other related fields Be able to understand the fundamental ideas of existing mesh simplification functions in industrial software Design appropriate user studies and corresponding evaluation strategies. Bearbeitungsdauer und Umfang, bachelorarbeit: Die reine Bearbeitungszeit betrgt 10 Wochen Vollzeit. But what would interfaces and the corresponding interactions look like if irreversible actions were central components of interaction design? A successful project can result in a submission to a renowned international conference/journal. Die wissensbasierte Authentifizierung (bspw. Bachelorarbeit 20-45 Minuten, masterarbeit 20-40 Minuten, zulssige verantwortliche Hochschullehrer, zulssige Assistenzbetreuer, abschlussarbeiten haben einen verantwortlichen Hochschullehrer, sowie eine beliebige Anzahl an Assistenzbetreuern. Preferred (but not necessary) qualification, knowledge in the area of human computer interaction. In our investigation of this problem, we published this work ( link ; video ).

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