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MasterWriter: Songwriting and Creative Writing Software
problem is that it only stores the date you entered the song into. Allows you to collect together most of the relevant information about the authorship and recording of a song. First, there's the lyrics, plus related information gathered from the rhyming dictionary, which I'll come to in a minute. Finally, there's 'song information a diverse selection of data which roughly corresponds to the metadata you might enter into iTunes or store as ID3 tags in an MP3 file. It would also be nice to have more control over other aspects of the printing process, such as how the title appears, and whether the 'Written by credit should be included. Masterwriter will also store publishing information for each song, including the names of each author, their percentage of the spoils, the names of their publishers and.

No way of changing printer settings, including the default US Letter paper size. The developers have obviously worked hard to ensure that the creative process remains simple. The Song Info tab allows you to edit this metadata. (Editing the list is a bit annoying: you have to click on each individual position in the list, type in your entry and then click Save, and it would be nice if you could just press Return. The cool stuff becomes apparent when you select a word and click on one of the tabs in the top row.

Masterwriter's Song List displays all your songs in either alphabetical order or date order of the most fundamental level, Masterwriter acts as a database that can collect together all the various kinds of information that might be associated with a song. Let's face it, you will look at a blank page again. Very often, this will produce hundreds of words and phrases, so you can narrow things down by specifying only 'Primary' rhymes, which restricts the search to the more straightforward or widely used rhymes, or 'Pop Culture'. Songuard may help to establish authorship in case of dispute. Lyrics, know any more alternatives to Masterwriter? Again, there are ways in which the process could be improved: for some reason, the progress panel that appears while you're importing a file says 'Exporting Movie and annoyingly, it won't import song titles or other metadata from MP3 files. Masterwriter 's database, and can't be added, so managing a large collection of songs is harder than it needs. The good thing is, it's a powerful but easy to use tool which enables you to navigate to your desired section instantly. Clicking on the Lyrics tab takes you to what is, in essence, a very simple word processor (see screen overleaf).

One of the best things about this program is that you actually learn something. You can always copy and paste into. Lyricist, lyricist combines everything you need for lyric writing, chord charting, and archiving into one package. Maybe, just maybe, what we need in this situation is not a stronger cup of coffee, but a more sophisticated software package designed especially for songwriters. As well as recording and importing audio into. The bottom half of the screen keeps track of all the saved audio files associated with the currently selected song. When it comes to deciding what rhymes with what, Masterwriter sensibly errs on the generous side; this gives you the best chance of finding something that will work, while occasionally leaving you thinking 'eh?'.

Buy PDF version Published October 2006. There are probably more urban myths about copyright than any other issue in music. Despite the less than useful nature of the alliteration list and some complaints over the interface, there's no denying that Masterwriter offers a real improvement over conventional rhyming dictionaries. Using Songuard is certainly a lot easier than posting Jiffy bags to yourself a couple of clicks and it's done, with a receipt emailed to you if you want. Selecting 'deadly' lists all the perfect rhymes for that word, which will in turn be half-rhymes for your original word. That being the case, it's frustating that some of the other elements of the program are lacking. MasterWriter aims to prevent writers block, particularly for those who write songs. It's genuinely informative and does an excellent job of showing off the program's features.

Masterwriter is not primarily a recording program, but it does include a very basic audio recording page, which might be useful for those occasions when you want a scratchpad for demo ideas. While they're at it, it would also be an improvement if individual songs could belong to more than one Group. Masterwriter includes two other, related aids to lyric writing. If you think Masterwriter might be for you, I wholeheartedly recommend that you download the demo available from the company's web site. No easy way to incorporate guitar chord symbols. This works well enough, though it would be a nice touch if you could import the metadata from WAV or MP3 files directly. Masterwriter ; if you input an existing song, there's no way to enter its actual date of creation. When you've found promising rhymes, you don't need to memorise them. This seems to work, but unlike the other functions, I found it rather pointless in practice. The Song List would be much more useful if it could be ordered at a click by categories such as date, author, artist or album, in the way you can in iTunes.

Softonic review, inspiration for your song writing, if you write regularly, you'll know that sometimes you simply get stuck for inspiration. The inclusion of so many phrases and pop-culture references is nice, but it's the ease of use that really makes the difference. Another obstacle for those who want to add existing material. For example, if you search on a word beginning with a hard 'c' or 'k you get some 56 pages of results, each containing over 100 words or phrases, and there's no useful way to filter these down. This is a pain if you want to bring your back catalogue into. Masterwriter in the first place, which is a bit self-defeating. At least the licence entitles you to make two installations of the program on different machines, should you need. One is that there's no elegant way to incorporate guitar chord symbols into your lyrics; I realise that Masterwriter isn't supposed to be a notation package, but it would be nice if you could at least do this.

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